Thursday, September 27, 2018

Simple Knit Hat

I couldn't find a simple knit hat pattern using economical yarn that you didn't have to sew together at the end, so I created this pattern.  Since it is so close to Halloween, I've turned it into a pumpkin hat using crochet methods, but I really like how the hat itself fits so I'm sure I'll be using this pattern again.  The hat sits easily on my head, it is not stretched tight or snug, which is how I like it, and most importantly, I think it's super cute!

Size 8, 5 mm 16” circular knitting needles
5 mm double pointed knitting needles
Red Heart Super Saver yarn, or any Aran weight yarn
For pumpkin hat you'll need a 5mm crochet hook

First make a Simple Knit Hat with orange yarn:

Cast on 88 stitches on your circular needles, make sure your stitches aren’t twisted and join in the round. Don't forget to place a marker so you know where the start of your round is.

For hat brim:K2 x P2 around, for 10 rows

Knit around for 23 rows

Decrease rounds, switch to DPN’s when needed:

K2 tog, K6 repeat around

K around

K2 tog, K5 repeat around

K around

K2 tog, K4 repeat around

K around

K2 tog, K3 repeat around

K around

K2 tog, K2 repeat around

K around

K2 tog, K1 repeat around

K around

K2 tog around

Break yarn, thread it through remaining stitches, pull tight and weave inside hat to secure

Your Simple Knit Hat is done!

To make it into a pumpkin, using green yarn and your crochet hook:

Make 2 Curly stems
Chain 23
Starting in the 4 chain from the hook, put 3 DC in EACH chain to the end.
The yarn will start to spiral, if it gets wonky, just stop and twist the spiral the way it should go.  Cut a long tail so that you can attach to hat.

Make 2 Leaves
Chain 8
Starting in the 2nd chain from the hook, crochet down the chain:

Make a picot — Chain 2, slip stitch in second Chain from the hook
Now work the same down the opposite side to create the other half of your leaf-

Slip stitch to secure your yarn, cut a long tail so that you can attach to hat.

Gather one leaf and one curl. Put your crochet hook through the top of your hat, pull their yarn tails through to the inside.  Do the same for the other leaf and curl in a spot right next to the first, make sure you like where they are positioned, then tie the tails together inside the hat.